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Payment methods

3- What are the benefits of buying YouTube Subscribers?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Buying YouTube comments is safe, as long as you rely on reliable providers and from humans. As for us, we use state-of-the-art and tested marketing techniques, and all our comments are from real people. You can rest assured that our comments are 100% risk-free.

Yes, and maybe. Let’s explain it better: Yes, you will always receive some views, since in order to comment, a user needs to be on the video watch page and hence, view the video. This means that if you purchase 100 comments, you will get 100 extra views. As per likes, that will depend a lot on the provider. As per us, we use only real people so along with comments, you will also receive some extra like to both your video and on the comments.

We are aware that one of the many issues that buyers face with YouTube comments, is the superfast delivery speed, which does not seem very natural and legit. For this reason, we deliver only real comments which have a slower and more natural speed. If you purchase handwritten comments, you can also decide how many comments you want per day.

Yes, but you will need to place separate orders for each video. If you place an order for 100 comments, all the 100 will be delivered to the same video you specify in the order form.

It’s possible that some of your comments will decrease over time if those who wrote them decide to close their accounts and leave YouTube. Even so, we cover all sales with an initial 365-day retention warranty, during which any dropped comments will be replaced for free.

No – the comments we sell are indistinguishable from the real humans and, therefore, cannot be detected as purchased. Under no circumstances will anyone find out that you bought comments for your YouTube videos unless you decide to tell them yourself.

Why You Should YouTube Comments?

  • Why is it important to have more comments on your videos?

    Comments matter for the simple reason that they are a major YouTube engagement indicator. Every comment you collect is an invaluable form of social proof. Comments indicate that someone has been influenced by your content on such a level that they felt the need to share their thoughts. People send comments to express their approval, to discuss the content of a clip, or to reach out to creators directly. Across the board, comments make your videos look engaging, appealing, and worth checking out.

  • Benefits of Buying YouTube Comments

    To pay for comments is to make an immediate and permanent investment in the appeal and credibility of your videos. When you buy real comments for your YouTube videos, you fast-track all the benefits of stacking up comments the old-fashioned way. Bought comments can be just as effective as their organic equivalents, just as long as they are authentic. Just a few of the benefits of buying comments for your YouTube videos are as follows:

  • Make Bad Comments Disappear

    Looking to make negative or misleading comments about your videos disappear? Why not drown them out with a whole bunch of custom comments? Buying positive comments for your videos makes it easy and affordable to make bad comments disappear. Or at least render them obsolete with the kind of positive feedback that speaks volumes for the quality of your video.

  • Increase Engagements on Your Video

    Engagement holds the key to expanding your reach on platforms like YouTube. Engagement generates more YouTube views, which in turn generate more shares and more exposure for your videos. Comments are a powerful and influential form of engagement. When you buy comments, you benefit from more engagement, and the rest takes care of itself.