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YouTube Monetization Package

The best way for YouTube channels to grow and get monetized. We advertise videos to real people directly on social media Join 1,372 other creators.

Get your videos seen by real people using social media strategies

YouTube’s 4,000 Watch Time Hours requirement can be tough to reach, especially for new creators - but it doesn’t have to be! With our YouTube Channel Watch Time service, you can increase your watch time hours faster than ever before without worrying about YouTube’s algorithm burying your videos in a sea of content. for this, we offer completely Youtube Monetization Package!

High-Quality Subscribers For YouTube Channels

People won’t subscribe to just anyone - they have to trust your brand and feel that your content is good enough for them to spend their time on. With our high-quality YouTube Subscribers service, you can easily build up a foundation audience that allows you to reach a wider range of viewers. A foundation audience confirms to authentic viewers that your channel is the place to be, making them more willing to like, comment, and subscribe!

How It Works?

If you are asking yourself how to get more Subscribers and watch hours on YouTube, You are at the right place. is used by musicians, vloggers, brands, and businesses to promote YouTube channels and get approval for monetization.

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Step One

Place an order and add your YouTube channel link, We do all the Rest.

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Step Two

After we receive your order we will start working on your channel instantly.

Buy YouTube Shorts views

Step Three

In this step, you are ready to apply for the YouTube Partner Program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Estimated time to complete Youtube Monetization Package: 7-12 days Finished time depends on many factors such as the quality of your channel’s content, the number of videos you have. Therefore, sometimes the delivery time may be slightly changed from expected, but not exceed 30 days.

To be honest, yes, these are real people. It is expected that real people subscribe and unsubscribe since they are real people, not fake bots. Still, you can rest assured that if you purchase our 1K subs and 4K watch hours or more monetization package, we will continue to refill until your channel gets monetized. So, yes, you can buy with confidence.

All views are verifiable inside your YouTube analytics. When you look at the ‘source’ of the views generated for your video, you will see that it is coming from YouTube and social media.

Firstly, let’s figure out what is YouTube monetization. What makes YouTube the best platform is that apart from letting you create video contents that improve your visibility directly or indirectly, you get to make money in the process through its monetization programs such as the YPP (YouTube Partner Program), affiliate marketing, among others.


Monetization on the YouTube platform is a competitive feature that allows you to convert the views on your video content to revenue. Like most digital platforms, YouTube is free to use, but it needs to make a profit. So YouTube cooperates with businesses/bands who want to attract more audiences and gain revenue on YouTube. So one of Youtube’s most effective strategies is by embedding targeted ads from advertisers into the videos that YouTube users view. When someone clicks and watch the ads embedded in your video, YouTube will share the revenue with you. That’s how people earn money on YouTube.


On the 16th of 2018, YouTube officially further upgraded its eligibility requirement and standards for making money. Under the new policy, your channel must have 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers.


However, for most newcomers on YouTube, it will take lots of time and energy to gain so many hours and subs only by creating quality content. Every minute, there are 500 hours of video uploaded on YouTube, making the competition fierce. Your quality content may not even get noticed by people, not to mention monetization. That’s where we come in. We designed the YouTube monetization package to help our customers to get 4000 hours and 1k subs quickly, saving time and helping you grow faster on YouTube than other people.

We have our own social media community, where there are millions of active users. We will publish and promote your channel on the platform until enough people subscribe to your channel or watch your video. That’s why they are quality watch hours from real people.

Just like you share your video with friends and family to attract more likes and followers, now that you share your channel with us, we will do the work of promoting and sharing it with our community members.

We do not require your channel to have videos 1-2 hours in length but your videos must be over 15 minutes each and the total channel’s duration has to be over 30 minutes. Because of our years of experience, the total channel’s duration has 30/60 minutes, bringing better results when YouTube reviews the channel for monetization.

Of course, the principle is like this: we increase the watch time of your video by increasing the number of high-retention views that come from real people. So not only do your watch hours increase, but your YouTube views will increase too. This is the safest and fastest way to get monetized on the market.


After buying our Youtube Monetization Package, you can see the number of views and hours growing in the Realtime tab in Channel Analytics. However, it will take YouTube 2-3 days to update the statistics on the monetization tab. Please kindly wait. And feel free to contact us if you encounter any problems.

Note: Make sure your channel strictly follows YouTube’s monetization rules.

Also, it is important to make sure that your Youtube channel is compatible with the Youtube partner program to get monetized before ordering this service.

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